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NEXAGLOBE has partnered with some of the leading brands who are masters in various fields. We identify the newest products and solutions which go hand in hand with the requirement of enterprises and end-customers, Telecom operators, ISP’s, System Integrators, IT company, Enterprises and Government, Military and Defense and so on.


We’re engaged in the selling of products from brands like Avaya, Ciso, Bosch, Fluke Networks, Juniper, Aaronia, Hikivision, Digital Lightwave, Ideal Industries Networks, Bosch, Cambium Networks, Mcaefee, Symantec, HP, Dell, APC UPS Solution, Engenius Networks, Ruckus, Sangoma Technologies, Honeywell Solutions, Simoco, Rohill, Siemens… and many other partners who are masters in providing world- class solutions to the customers worldwide.
Our Vision is to become a leading Value Added seller in the North Africa for a vast range of varying industry verticals like energy and smart city products, Hospitality, Government, Law Enforcement, Defense, and Telecom and so on. We believe in bringing the best-of-breed technology to client’s footsteps and facilitate extracting maximum potential from pioneering products for improved business pace and scalability.

  • IT equipment and Software

    We’ve partnered with more than 10 hardware and software manufacturers and publishers and we continue to build relationships with a number of new, emergent IT partners in our portfolio. These partnerships allow us to recommend the absolute best IT products for your needs, not just what’s available.
    We’ve achieved success in this complex field due a full understanding of vendor policies, global market differences and a clear primary business focus on software and licensing. We have strong working relationships with all major vendors, including Microsoft, APC, Juniper, Cisco; HP; Dell; Adobe, Citrix, Oracle, Symantec and VMware, more on Software Licensing but always put the interests of our customers first, representing them in all discussions and negotiations with software vendors to ensure the best solution. Regardless of the size of your business, we can help you reduce costs and improve the performance of your software estate.
    Our goal is to help you establish a fully dynamic and managed software estate where costs are lean and business efficiency is maximized. We can help you move from a tactical state – reactive purchasing with limited status knowledge – to a strategic software model, where processes and systems are in place to ensure continuous compliance, total clarity of your software deployment and cost-effective procurement.

  • Smart Office WIFI Devices

    Customer requirements for wireless solutions have risen exponentially in recent years across the globe due to rising concern for security and safety. Wireless technologies have evolved to simplify business operations. Industries now employ machine to machine services to streamline several aspects of their business processes.

    Contemporary WLANs use 802.11ac (Wi-Fi) technology to deliver high-speed access to business systems throughout buildings, campuses or an entire enterprise. In many locations, WLANs have started to replace wired Ethernet as the primary access method for both mobile and fixed client devices.
    Enterprise WLAN products sold by market leaders all use WLAN Controllers to supervise access points (APs) deployed throughout coverage areas. NEXAGLOBE collaborates with leading manufacturers of controllers.
    Our selling products: Ruckus, Cisco, Aruba, HP and Extreme Networks

    Virtual Controllers
    By offloading controller responsibilities from the hardware layer to a software module, the virtual controller achieves two goals. First, it lowers traffic on the physical controller to avoid bottlenecks, and it also provides for controller portability so it can follow cloud-based and virtual resources wherever they are provisioned.
    Our using products: Ruckus, Cisco

    Controller-less wireless LAN solution
    Controller-less access points have been the next breakthrough recently in wireless technology. Multiple APs can still be managed from one interface without the addition of a physical rack-mounted controller. This is a perfect option for when physical WLAN controllers are out of budget.
    Our selling products: Ruckus, Cisco

    Acess points
    Access points act as a central transmitter and receiver of wireless radio signals. Mainstream wireless APs support Wi-Fi and are most commonly used to support public Internet hotspots and other business networks where larger buildings and spaces need wireless coverage. NEXAGLOBE collaborates with leading manufacturers of APs.

  • Home Automation materials

    Home Automation:
    With our Smart Home solutions, you can start with single room or automate your entire home all at once. Here you are got awesome features to turn your house into a smart home. Offers the ultimate home automation solution by making the products and systems you already have and use every day, work together.

    Business Automation:
    As a business owner or facility manager you have enough to worry about without letting the technology of business operations distract you. We can give you competitive advantage by improving operating efficiencies. Set your lighting, music, temperature and video to greet your customers with the perfect welcome.

    Freedom of Control
    Automation occurs when the state of a device, product or system changes without any human interaction. It happens when your home environment is able to adapt to your needs all by itself—no tap of a button or a flip of a switch is required. Control everything through your various personal devices like Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Remote control etc..

  • IT Smart healthcare

    NEXAGLOBE Healthcare offers a vast array of innovative solutions and services to its diverse clientele to address the dynamic and complex requirements of the healthcare industry with the help of strategic and mutually productive partnerships with the finest brands worldwide.

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