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Our Cards

We present all the cards: P.H.T NEW CO E.G.O and Thermoflu concept.

Our Specialist

We are specialist of the component for electrothermal:


  • Custom steam generators
  • Our offers a wide range of products E.G.O.
  • Custom shielded elements
  • Inox tubes and jetbreaker
  • Thermostats



innovative products are an inseparable part of many sectors, It ranges from induction technology, smart electronic controls and user interfaces, to the latest developments – such as our thick-film technology, many of EGO innovations are integrated into countless applications – partly in mass production, partly as a solution for niche products. Take the dive and experience the next generation of high tech.










  • Networking services

    NEXAGLOBE provides world class network, IT infrastructure and communication services to information intensive businesses across Morocco .with local market understanding and global reach NEXAGLOBE can offer best products and service available. With us we can design the network whatever direction you take. Backed with the right commercials, management, Security and service levels we can provide you trouble free network. We help you with IT function, integrating computer networks, and infrastructure, data and security systems to help you operate your organization as efficiently as possible with the all networking/switching services.

  • Simplifying Enterprise IT

    We offer Data Networking solutions designed to be scalable and reduce IT complexity by designing, implementing, supporting, and managing innovative solutions for end user computing, data center, networking, and cloud and managed services. We have IT Products to support all the Data Networking methods like structured cabling, Wireless Networking and Switching. Choose from a wide assortment IT Products that best fits your Business. As a leading Networking company in Morocco we deliver maximum deployment flexibility and all business niches or personalization requirements. NEXAGLOBE offer high tech networking installation service for businesses in Morocco – Africa, as well as best price access in this region.

Security systems

  • Access control & checkpoints

    Advanced, software-driven access control systems go beyond the conventional security tools that businesses use to provide access to authorized persons. Access control systems can deliver highly detailed audit trail reporting which can come extremely handy in knowing the presence of individuals at specific times within the business premises. Access control system can be customized to protect employees, valuable data, equipment and property from unauthorized individuals.

    • Effective Systems Integration
    • Provides Access from Any Computer
    • Multiple Uses
    • Can Be Used for Tracking Visitors
  • CCTV

    Businesses today need infrastructure that’s driven majorly by technology and generally constitutes expensive servers, workstations and hardware to keep pace with the competition. It is imperative to ensure foolproof arrangement for the safety of equipment as theft will not only impact performance, but will also put the company/organisations at a significant financial loss. CCTV surveillance solutions allow businesses to monitor their site round the clock and ensure that the safety of their costly equipment is not compromised.

  • GPS Trackers

    Our fleet management solution consists of a web application for dispatchers and a mobile application for your field employees. The web application allows you to schedule jobs, create optimized routes and monitor them. The mobile application allows you to capture job completion and navigate to the destination. This system also enables users to report and send messages about specific jobs. This system is web based and needs no installation or licenses. You only pay a monthly fee based on number of vehicles. A safe and secure operation is managed in a cloud server environment.
    This solution is developed around GPS tracking unit which is your mobile device (phone or tablet) or device of your employee, you can view all tracked data in easy to use and clear way, generate reports for tax, payment or billing purposes and manage your fleet.

  • Intelligent Car Parking Management Systems

    The lifestyle today has brought in a rapid development in the automobile industry. Commutation needs have rapidly increased and the rate of manufacturing vehicles has exponentially grown in the last few years. Car parking is a challenge today and theft is another booming issue especially in the cities.
    Intelligent car paring management system (ICPMS) manages the vehicles including parking facilities and 100% security. The invention of this system goes back to the troubles and nuisance we face while parking our cars. The ICPMS solution help drivers to find parking spots quickly, while reducing frustration and enhancing the user experience. Benefits of this system include:

    • Energy saving systems
    • Reduce time spent to search for parking
    • Reduce car parking mileage
    • Reduce exhaust emissions
    • Cut down on traffic congestions at entrances
    • Increased customer satisfaction

Video audio Solution

  • Video Conferencing and meeting rooms

    Getting the message across has become quite complex for businesses. State of the art Audio-Visual Systems are essential part of any modern office premises. We understand the importance of having functional and impressive AV Systems in conference rooms, auditoriums and the value our customers derive out of them in terms of the of business image and brand. Our engineering capability allows us combining best of the breed products and technologies in creating the ultimate customer experience for the guests of our customers.

    • Conference Room AV Systems
    • Video Conferencing
    • Auditorium Solutions
  • IP Telephony (VOIP)

    We specialize in telephony solutions, as such we are counted as the best communication provider with a level of experience that encourages new clients to choose us their telephone solutions provider. By joining your communications to a single IP-based network, you may benefit various business advantages.

    • Simplified network and centralized management
    • Cost saving through SIP
    • Smooth communication for offices and multiple enterprises
    • Reliability, security and quality at lower costs by taking advantage of LAN and WAN
    • Enhanced employee performance through VPN, video conferencing, and audio conference.
    • Access to voice communications from devices such as Smartphones, laptops, desktops etc…

Home & Business automation


ne size does not fit all for integrated technology systems in a commercial space. Depending on industry and your unique business needs, we create a solution giving you simple control of one or multiple sub-systems with access from centralized, localized or a combination of locations. Smart technology will set you apart and put you a step above in efficiency and the experience of your space. You have the option to start a system in one area or a few areas and expand later whether your project is new construction, remodel or retrofit.

  • Ntegrated room control
  • Smart building technology
  • Centralized distribution
  • Lighting control
  • Energy management
  • Media control
  • Entertainment
  • Comfort & convenience
  • Smart lighting
  • Safety & security



EXAGLOBE is an outstanding solution provider for all Web Services which helps to put your business online. We are one the most promising Web Design and Web Development Companies in Morocco. We possess not only the latest technology gadgets but also the most knowledgeable and experience hands to offer most user friendly customized solutions. We provide powerful, cost effective website and graphic design solutions for clients throughout Middle East, Europe, and the United States, Canada…. Our primary goal is to know the actual need so as to get the maximum degree of customer satisfaction. We achieve our goal with a combination of internet expertise, product excellence, and proactive, ongoing, client-oriented customer service. We believe in team work, the quest for acquiring new competencies continues every new day. Forever searching, experimenting, learning, innovating, moving ahead with our sincere efforts and dedication, shaping the future, and challenging our competencies to create new opportunities, is a never-ending process in our company.

  • Multimedia Solutions
  • Domain Registration & Hosting
  • Web Design & Development
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Logo Design Service
  • Graphic Designing & 3D Graphic

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